I R I N A   G A B I A N I

D O M I N O  P R I N C I P L E  ( T H E  E N D  I S  Y O U R  C H O I C E ) 2018

Presented at the group exhibition “The end is your choice” at Nosbaum Reding Projects Gallery, Luxembourg

Irina Gabiani: Domino Principle (the end is your choice)

This series of works by Irina Gabiani portrays the artist’s exploration into the realm of hedonism with its constant quest for beauty and pleasure by human beings.

The works are presented in a sequence following rules of the game of dominoes, where every tile (canvases and wood) implies and determines the next one. Just like in life where one decision can impact consequent events.

In this works Irina Gabiani considers the positive aspects of hedonism, which has accompanied the development of humanity. We – as a society – have developed art, architecture, music, food… but even science and medicine thanks to the search for our wellbeing.

The real problem with hedonism is the same as with the development of our society: selfishness. The problem lays in human attitude: how far can we go searching for pleasure without jeopardizing our society as a whole? How far can we go with the search of wealth, without damaging the whole world?

This selfishness is causing the negative deviation of all of our activities. As with any other principle, exaggeration is always defective and can result in destruction…

…And we stand – therefore – in front of a choice, which is represented at the end of this Domino sequence, where we are called to make a fundamental decision: What will we choose, selfishness and destruction or selflessness and survival?




S I N E S T E S I A   U N I V E R S A L E ,  2017

Project by Irina Gabiani (videos) and Ruggero Lagana’ (music)

Presented at: Il Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi di Milano, Milan, Italy



“U N R O L L I N G  T H E   H U M A N   B O D Y”,  2017

Presented at TROIS C-L – Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois, Luxembourg. 



        “U N R O L L I N G  T H E  U N I V E R S E”

Presented at the Georgian National Museum, Tbilisi, Georgia




 Décembre deux mille vingt.

 Au confinement printanier des corps répond chez Irina Gabiani la volonté de questionner

et de conceptualiser ce moment si particulier de notre existence, volonté encore de mettre en relief l’incertitude

des temps présents et futurs au regard d’un proche passé rassurant.

De fait, la plupart des œuvres présentées dans cette exposition ont été réalisées à cette période.

Le support panneau bois ou toile nuitamment assombri ou à contrario pâlement blanchi devient « lieu-théâtre » qui donne à voir.

Des personnages anonymes, énigmatiques voir fantomatiques ainsi que des objets du quotidien surgissent

et nous semblent pourtant si familiers. Ils paraissent devenir porteurs de messages

et jouent le rôle de passeurs, passeurs du moi de l’artiste vers le spectateur que nous sommes.

Ils entament une bergamasque comme pour refuser la tristesse ambiante et participent

d’une chorégraphie, d’une scénographie théâtrale précise et ordonnée : topographie onirique révélée.

Que nous content ils ?

Que nous révèlent ils ?

Sur l’échiquier de nos vies, la diversité d’un arbitraire nous donne à tout un chacun le libre arbitre

de chercher, de trouver une réponse … ou non à ce questionnement.



Gian Marco Casini Gallery, Livorno

14 September – 26 October, 2019

Bringing people together, connecting different cultures and generations.

We are in a system in which contemporary artistic production is addressed to those who are already initiated, there are no openings, only walls between those who are inside and those who are outside.

How we have came to this point it is well known, I think it is necessary to do something. It is not simple, the language is more and more self-referential and the way of working of us – professionals- is very unwelcoming.

In my journey I have tried to attract new “followers”, keep open doors and using informal and accessible language.

This brief reflection is to introduce what convinced me to present Irina’s work, which is her work simplicity. Simple is certainly not a negative term: Being able to convey, to make understandable one’s own message is all but trivial, and should actually be the goal of an artist. I hope to reach as many people as possible, through the work of the artists I present and I hope with all my heart that this exhibition can generate new connections and ideas for reflection. The themes touched upon in this exhibition are addressed to everyone and I believe that working in this direction can lead to a long lasting sustainability of art.

I and, above all, Irina will be available and full of energy to spread the word to everyone.

United we win!



Sounds of laughter, shades of life
Are ringing through my open ears
Inciting and inviting me
Limitless undying love
Which shines around me like a million suns
It calls me on and on and on
Across the Universe

The Beatles, Across the Universe

On Thursday 19 September, on the occasion of the opening of TAG Turin Art Galleries, the Raffaella De Chirico Gallery presents the solo exhibition of Irina Gabiani, an eclectic Georgian artist who works with drawing, painting, installation, video and performance.

The concept of the Universe is the focus of her artistic research, the “great organism” to which everything is interconnected, because everything is One.

Family ties, electrical components, hands that become ramifications to join other parts of the body, hair, DNA. The elements that the artist uses for her works are fragmentations aimed at the search for uniqueness, the individual who becomes a family tree because it is part of a family “constellation”, of which he/she carries in his/her biological being successes and failures, anxieties and ambitions.

The human being has on his shoulders the biological and memoric legacy, which is personal but also total Universe, through a continuous exchange of ancestral and contemporary messages.

Gabiani uses the creation to unroll literally in front of us meters of works on paper and canvas, full of “Poetry without end”, to quote Jodorowsky: she unrolls the body and recomposes it, spreads the Universe, crumbles and reassembles it, shows us its details in an attempt to get to feel connected to and part of a total picture.
The screening of 5 videos by Irina Gabiani (accompanied by the music by Ruggero Laganà, specially created for them) entitled “Sinestesia Universale”, dedicated to the elements of the Universe (“air”, “earth”, “water” and “fire” and completed by the fifth video dedicated to the Universe) and a performance accompany Gabiani’s exhibition, completing an extremely generous research, which also needs to feed itself in order to be able to fully express itself.



Irina Gabiani, Italian artist of Georgian origin was born in Tbilisi, Georgia in 1971. Aftert the School of Art  “Y. Nikoladze” of Tbilisi (1986-1990), she continued her studies at the Tbilisi Academy of Art (1990-1994) and at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy of Art in Amsterdam (1994-1997). She lives in Luxembourg, where she works with drawing, painting, installation, video-art and performance.

The Universe in its holistic essence is the focus of the research of Irina Gabiani according to whom we all belong to a unique system, to a “big organism” imagined as a kind of complex, interrelated chain, of which we, and everything around us, are a part. Trying to see beyond what we can perceive with our eyes, going beyond the vision of the world as we use to know, the artist researches the innumerable similarities between the infinitely big and the infinitely small within matter. The more we know matter and understand its complexity which escapes us at a simple glance, the more the infinitely small leads us to the universe.

Among the recent exhibitions of Irina Gabiani we can mention her participation at the 54th Venice Biennale – Italian Pavilion, and –at the same time- the two exhibitions of her works and videos at the University of Luxembourg and the European Court of Justice, documented by a rich catalogue published by the Italian Institute of Culture of Luxembourg; the solo exhibitions in 2012 at the National Museum of Georgia and at the Unione Culturale Franco Antonicelli in Torino (curated by O. Gambari and W. Darko, within the 2007 edition of Video Dia Loghi Festival).

Irina Gabiani, writes O. Gambari in the catalogue, “manipulates works made of sculpture, performance, drawing, photography and video. It is a long reasoning on forces and matters, visible and invisible, that compose life and human beings. 

Irina Gabiani is also active in the field of video-art: her videos have been presented in Museums and Institutions, Theatres and Galleries in Europe (among which we can mention the Museo della Civiltà Romana, the Mole Vanvitelliana, the Fondazione Benetton, the Malhoa Museum and the Center of Contemporary Art Foundation Kiev etc.), Asia (the AFA, Beijing Contemporary Art Centre), America (the Arnot Art Museum and the Torrance Art Museum).In 2007, one of Irina Gabiani’s performances was staged at the National Theatre of Georgia “S. Rustaveli”.

“Irina Gabiani: Micro and macro cosmos” is the title of the solo exhibition at the Galleria Giampiero Biasutti in Turin. The exhibition shows a selection of works by the artist, ranging from the late 1990s, to focus on the recent two-dimensional works, which combine painting and drawing in a pure and refined formal balance and testify the current achievements of her research about the universe and the relationship between the infinitely big and the infinitely small.